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are you a disaster preparedness expert?

Wilderness or Survival Skill Trainer?

Specialist in a skill that would be beneficial in a natural disaster?

Are you looking to learn how to become a prepper,

 or how to survive natural or man made disasters?

Then you have come to the right place..

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Welcome to the USDPE.ORG web site.

USDPE was created to gather Professional Preppers, Survivalist, Educators, Trainers, and just those who know how to be prepared for any eventual disaster or emergency.

As a group or as individuals,  we bring together others, for education or training, on how to prepare, how to survive, and on how to not be a victim.

Together we form USDPE.ORG.  Members who mentally accept the belief that; " Preparing for every uncertainty is nothing more than adjusting your attitude towards being a survivor, not a victim."

Those who want to be Preppers or survivalists need to understand that there may come a time where the government, or those in political power, may be unable, unwilling,  or slow to respond, and you and your family's survival will be in your hands alone.

Accepting this is the first step in being prepared for any eventual emergency, whether it is a natural disaster or act of mankind.

Education, Attitude, Preparation, Planning, Survival.

Be a part of www.USDPE.ORG

Helping those who want to help themselves.

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Expert Speakers:


Scott Hunt, Creator, speaker, and the heart and sole behind Practical Preppers and the brains behind Doomsday Preppers! http://www.practicalpreppers.com

Ken Clarke, Organizer and speaker on Prepping on a budget. http://www.meetup.com/urban-survivor-group/

Robert Henry, http://www.Survivalandpreparedness.com, http://www.survivalreport.net Speaker on: "Where's the beef?" Emergency food supplies and "Lessons Learned: from 27 years of preparing"

Charles Daugherty, RLA http://www.sentinelsecuritygroup.com Speaker on: "To protect and Serve." Security, Guns, Ammo and Edged Weapons and "Your bugging me." Bug Out Bags, and evacuation supplies.

Mike Mester, Certified C.E.R.T. Trainer and cast member of season 5, National Geographic's Doomsday Preppers




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